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David Deniman

About Deniman Domain

This is my personal website. My name is Dave Deniman.

The public reference pages on this site list links to a handful of the better websites found on the Internet. I've also included pages to describe a couple of my more interesting projects.

I originally put this site together in 1999 as a reference to other references on the Web. Back then search engines were in their infancy and it was hard to find good resources. The original site included a search tool to let a user submit a query to any one of more than 20 different search engines.

Unfortunately, and in spite of search engine popularity, search engines are still frought with problems. Commercial interests pervade the search engine world, and many advertisers have become adept at exploiting search engine algorithms. The task of organizing the Web in a truly substantive way remains a significant challenge.

Eventually I will be moving the reference pages of this site into a more comprehensive public Internet library, and integrating more of my project pages here. In the meantime, be it ever so humble, this is my place.

Chris Martin on "In My Place":
"That's about where you're put in the world, and how you're given your position,
and the way you look, and how you have to get on with it."
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