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  • - jokes, pictures, videos, occassions, misc.
  • Comedy Central - okay, you know the name, right? (South Park is here too)
  • - Dilbert , Peanuts trivia, Doonesbury, more from United Media...
  • Fun O Fun - good fun! send fun greetings and lots of fun pages - all free
  • Funny Stories - geez, nothing funny about the ads! short stories and anecdotes, links to more
  • Humor 100 - ranking the best humor sites on the Web
  • Humor Search - temporarily down, waiting to be redone, we'll see then
  • Joke a Day - Jokes by email, horoscopes, polls, weird pictures, more...
  • - at Comedy Central - searchable database, subscriptions, more
  • -wallpapers, startup screens, funny stories, letters & assorted nuts
  • Jokes Warehouse - one of the better sites, office safe, links to other funny sites
  • Rec.Humor.Funny - net's oldest and most popular comedy publication and newsgroup


Brain Teasers


Word Play

  • Bill's games - brain plexing shapes, try the home page for more fun
  • RiddleNut - 100's of riddles, oh boy!
  • Brain Candy - insults, riddles, word play, mind games, reciprocal links
  • Syndicate - educational fun, vocabulary, crosswords, comic hotlist
  • PuzzleMaker - Discovery Channel School, for teachers and parents



  • Cool Quiz! - trivia, quizzes, puzzles, jokes, useless knowledge, fun!
  • - largest trivia site, quizzes, hourly, daily and weekly tournaments, more
  • Quick Trivia - over 100,000 questions, lots of ways to play, make custom quizzes, etc
  • Cool Movie Trivia - updated weekly, monthly prizes, quizzes, archives
  • Terrific Trivia - trivia games to get your brain cells working


"Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when they are open."
Sir James Dewar
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