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Diction References
" Good words are worth much, and cost little."
George Herbert
Dictionaries   An extensive list of online dictionaries. Or chose one of these:   Webster's   OneLook   medical   WordSmyth   Webopedia   Slanguage   on-line index   AOL's list
Thesauri and word tools   A different thesaurus for different topics. And list of other online language aids. Or chose one of these:   Webster's  Roget's   phrases   anagrams   acronyms   cliches   compendium   language identifier
Grammar and Style   Online citation styles, grammar information and guides for writing almost any type of paper.   Strunk's   online! electronic citation   grammar and writing   common errors   Web style



GoTo TopDictionaries
  • Alternative - a multilingual slang dictionary
  • AOL's list - a nice subdirectory, lots of dictionaries
  • Biographical - over 28,000 biographies
  • - ask Doctor Dictionary about words or grammar
  • Internet - the language of the Internet
  • Investor - over 5,000 investor terms with cross references
  • Law - simple A-Z, written in plain English
  • - search by term or definition, also A-Z
  • Medical - medicine, biology, chemistry and other branches of science
  • Military - DOD's dictionary of military terms
  • Occupational - the dictionary of occupational titles
  • On-line Index - extensive index of dictionaries
  • Online translation - enter the words, see it in over 20 languages
  • OneLook - over 3 million words in almost 600 dictionaries
  • Philosophy of Mind - philosophy-neuroscience-psychology
  • Pronunciation - from Carnegie Mellon University
  • Rap - yes, a dictionary just for Rap
  • - many more dictionary links here, like conspiracies?!
  • Rhyming - try the advanced interface to find rhymes to any two concepts
  • Silicon Valley Slang - language of the nerds
  • Slanguage - choose a location and talk like the locals
  • Skeptics - skeptical definitions, essays, references to skeptical literature
  • Translation - for the traveler by travlang, also learn over 70 languages
  • Webopedia - Internet and computer technology
  • Webster's - the classical collegiate source
  • WordSmyth - integrated dictionary and thesaurus


    GoTo TopThesauri and other tools
  • Acronyms - The WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server
  • Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Initialisms - many specific lists
  • Anagram Finder - find life's wisdom in anagrams, as they say
  • Aphorisms - those terse and witty truths, to "feed your wit"
  • Cliche Finder - find the perfect cliché
  • Computer Terms - abbreviations and acronyms
  • Cooking Thesaurus - a bountiful list of food substitutions
  • Freeality - online quotes and phrase search page
  • Language Identifier - enter the phrase to discover what language
  • Legislative Indexing Vocabulary - for searching congressional information
  • Lexical Freenet - find word relationships you hadn't thought of
  • Measurement - units of measurement used around the world
  • Medical World - uses its thesaurus to search related medical terms
  • Phrase Finder - find phrases from a single word (over 6000 phrases)
  • Plumb Design - a visual thesaurus for the fun of it
  • Roget's - searchable, or browsable by Roget's 6 top-level categories
  • Solver - dictionaries, thesaurus, crossword puzzle solvers, scrabble, etc.
  • Voycabulary - converts a web page (or any text) into a lookup source
  • Webster's - the modern online thesaurus
  • Web Thesaurus Compendium - indexed thesauri and related information
  • WordNet - an online lexical reference system


    GoTo TopGrammar and Style
  • Basic Legal Citation - by Peter W. Martin (Cornell Law School)
  • Citation Styles - for research papers
  • Citing Electronic Resources - from Internet Public Library
  • Common Errors - guide to common errors in English
  • Elements of Style - Strunk's online
  • English Grammar - an online grammar guide
  • Funding Proposal - a guide for writing funding proposals
  • Grammar and Style - comprehensive A-Z contents page
  • Grammar and Writing - playful interface, broad coverage
  • online! - 4 different citation styles for Internet references
  • Paradigm - award winning online writing assistant
  • Research and Writing - for high school and college
  • - idea directory and writing center
  • Technical Report Writing - a NASA memorandum
  • Thesis/Dissertation - guide to writing and presenting
  • Web Style - the style guide for creating Web pages
  • Writer's advice - from a writer and editor
  • Writing Research Papers - (MLA) comprehensive content
  • Writer's Guidelines - a database of over 500 guidelines


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    Index of all this site's reference links Quotations, humor, brain teasers, word play and trivia Research reference desks, encyclopedias, almanacs, and many sources