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" Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when they are open."
Sir James Dewar
Quotes   A quotation search engine, famous quotes, quotes of the day and even romantic quotes. Or use these quick links: Bartlett's   A Hopeless World   Love Quotes  
Humor   A select list of joke and amusement sites. Some great stuff at some of these sites. Try one or two of these:  Oh My Goodness!   Comedy Central   It's Scandalous!   Jokes Online  
Brain Teasers   Some puzzles and other mindful stimulation, for family fun. Please send suggestions... and meanwhile, oh wise and clever ones, try your hand at these:  BrainBashers Family Internet  
Word Play   Riddles, crosswords, word shapes and other word fun. Here are some examples:   RiddleNut   Brain Candy   bill's games   PuzzleMaker  
Trivia   What mighty contests arise from trivial matters! Care for a few more useless gems of knowledge?   BrainBlitz   Useless Knowledge  


" The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages
is preserved into perpetuity, by a nation's proverbs, fables,
folk sayings and quotations."
William Feather


GoTo TopQuotes
  • Famous Quotations - a famous quotes search engine and directory.

  • Bartlett's - Familiar Quotations with index of authors
  • Oneliners and Proverbs - The name says it, searchable...
  • Quotes R Us - the toys-R-us of notable quotes...
  • The Quotations Page - quotes of the day, motivational, searchable links...
  • - almost everything, with library and Internet resources...
  • - a listing of links to quote sites
  • Quotation Guide - sorted by topic, the collection may be downloaded...
  • Quotation Location - a little different, notable quotes in the museum...
  • - they claim to have the Web's largest library...
  • Quote World - affiliated with, searchable, & growing...
  • A Hopeless World - Murphy's law, oxymorons, last words, unique...
  • Love Quotes - famous quotes of romance

    " Zounds! I was never so bethumped with words
    Since I first called my brother's father dad."
    Shakespeare, King John, Act II


    GoTo TopHumor (P.S. check out 100Hot's Jokes list)
  • Humor Search - a specialty search engine just for humor!

  • - joke database, weird news, comedian links, comics, chat...
  • Oh My Goodness! - a TOP SITE, animated greeting cards, funny wallpapers...
  • Uproar Presents - endless amusements at
  • Comedy Central - okay, you know the name, right? (South Park is here too)
  • It's Scandalous! - top newspaper editorial cartoons, so be politically incorrect!
  • - Dilbert , Peanuts trivia, Doonesbury, more from United Media...
  • Humorous Anecdotes - short stories and anecdotes with links to more...
  • Rec.Humor.Funny - from the newsgroup...
  • FunTrivia Portal - trivia, games, forums, the top 50 amusing sites...
  • - searchable database, email subscriptions, lighthearted news, more
  • Daily Comics - for mature audiences, daily underground comics...
  • - jokes, comedians, club search...
  • Jokes Online - jokes, jokes and more jokes, categorized and searchable...
  • Oracle Humor?? - ummm, an incognito style of its own...
  • Joke a Day - Jokes by email, horoscopes, polls, weird pictures, more...
  • Humor Space - indexed, a humor store, etc...
  • Comedy Vault - LISTEN to 17 years of comedy routines... (requires RealPlayer)
  • Sick jokes -'s guide to sick jokes and insults...
  • -wallpapers, cursors, startup screens, funny stories

    " The brain - is wider than the Sky -
    For - put them side by side -
    The one the other will contain
    With ease - and You - beside."
    Emily Dickinson


    GoTo TopBrain Teasers
  • - the leading authority? cash prizes
  • BrainBashers - winner of 86 awards, must be doing something right
  • - resource for IQ tests, puzzles, trivia, games & contests
  • Ultimate Puzzle Site - maybe not yet, but well done
  • Education Place - traditional word problems, for younger people?!
  • The Fun Zone - how many can you get right?
  • Family Internet - a small handful of braintrique

    " Poor intricated soul!
    Riddling, perplexed, labyrinthical soul!"
    John Donne


    GoTo TopWord Play
  • bill's games - brain plexing shapes, try the home page for more fun
  • Puzzle Paradise - crossword puzzles, brain teasers and word games
  • RiddleNut - 100's of riddles, oh boy!
  • Brain Candy - insults, riddles, word play, mind games, reciprocal links
  • Syndicate - educational fun, vocabulary, crosswords, comic hotlist
  • Susie's Place - play crambo, doggerel or stinky pinky? go find out
  • ClueMaster - British, start here for the quick fix
  • PuzzleMaker - Discovery Channel School, for teachers and parents

    " Why is it that our memory is good enough to retain the
    least triviality that happens to us, and yet not good enough
    to recollect how often we have told it to the same person?"
    Francois de La Rouchefoucald


    GoTo TopTrivia
  • Totally Trivia - a trivia search engine and directory

  • - the trivia portal
  • TriviaWorld - play sports, computers, science, etc., keeps score
  • Cool Movie Trivia - updated weekly, monthly prizes, quizzes, archives
  • - can you take it? (launches in March)
  • Military Trivia - from, quite a few sub-categories, quizzes
  • BrainBlitz - trivia, more trivia, online games, humor, contests, freebies
  • Useless Knowledge - nice, "if it isn't here, it isn't trivia"
  • - for playful brains, trivia, puzzles, and a bunch more
  • Hint: - you might try checking the search and diction links to find answers



    Words are fun, witty, provocative, allusive, and more.
    They are the means and expressions for knowledge.
    They communicate ideas, feelings, thoughts, hopes and dreams.
    The value of words is defined not so much through grammar as by their effect.
    Sometimes they are taken too seriously, and sometimes not seriously enough.
    Often, the art of word-crafting is misused or underappreciated.
    BrainTrigue, then, is dedicated to the less obvious ways words enrich us.


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