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GoTo TopInternet Reference List
Academic Info - gateway to quality Internet resources
Alpha Search - access to the finest Internet "gateway" sites
ArgusClearinghouse - the Internet's premier research library
Digital Librarian - "a librarian's choice of the best on the web"
- extensive, organized links to everything
Explore the Internet - brought to you by the Library of Congress
Freeality - Internet search page
Info Service - "the Web's best source"
InfoSurf - resources by subject by UC Santa Barbara
Internet Index - modeled after the librarian's reference shelf
Internet Public Library - don't let the simple presentation fool you
InvisibleWeb - directory of over 10,000 databases and archives
Librarian's Index
- to the Internet, by librarians for everyone
Library in the Sky - educational resources for kids to communities
Library Spot
- libraries, reference desk, reading room, more
List of Lists - Compiled by Gary Price at GWU
LSU Subject Guides - easy to use and organized
Martindale's Reference Desk - scroll the page to see it all
Michigan Electronic Library(Mel) - great, go to the reference desk
Online World - true resources handbook, browse the expanded index
online! - the book online, click on Internet sources
OWU Libraries - Internet resources and directories, quick links
Pentagon Library - the catalogue is searchable
Ready Reference - nice A-Z list, also check the library - wow, superbly well-organized references page - over 20 million university and education pages
Search Engine Colossus - HUGE international directory of search engines
UC Berkeley Library - beyond general searching guide
Virtual Sites - over 10,000 selected sites, including specialty search sites
WWW Virtual Library - this W3C library is the original
Yale Medical Library - selected Internet resources (not strictly medical)
GoTo TopOther Information Sources

555-1212 - area codes, phone book(s) and Web directory
Academy Awards
- a complete searchable database
American FactFinder - U.S. Census Bureau: many facts, maps - 0ver 500 million names, search your family history
- Search multiple versions in 7 languages
Billiard Academy - tips and techniques from The Monk
Billiard Instruction - Master Stroke 2, the book being printed online
Billiard Tips 'n Tales - tales of wow, and the physics of shooting
BuildingNet - architectural, engineering, construction reference
Britannica - the complete encyclopedia online, and more
Career Information Source - by publishers of Wall Street Journal
CIA World Factbook - country profiles, reference maps
CNN Almanac - daily news almanac, with archive
Columbia Encyclopedia - over 50,000 articles
Connected an encyclopedia about the technical Internet
Currency Converter - the classic by Oanda, also other services
E-Conflict World Almanac - country information
Ethnologue - languages of the world
Expert's Exchange - mostly computer (requires registration)
Encarta - from MSN, the concise free online version
Encyclozine - an interesting hybrid magazine/encyclopedia
Freeware - by NoNags, the best source for free software
Funk & Wagnalls - also atlas, news, media gallery, more
HyperHistory - 3000 years of world history online
Information Brokers - Burwell's World Directory of info specialists
Information Please - GOOD, part of the FamilyEducation Network
Internet Encyclopedia - an eclectic listing of online information

Leonardo - the realm where art, science and technology converge
Legends - "explore the world of legends"
Mailing List Directory - over 90,000 mailing lists
Movie Database - reviews, box office charts, showtimes
Mp3 Music
- music of all genres, download or play online
- mythology, folklore and legend
Nautical - Reed's nautical almanac online - recommended, directory with guides to Web sources
Network Guide - nice outline of Internet network resources
Open Source - the open source software organization
Peterson's - the education opportunity reference
Philosophy - encyclopedia of philosophy
Post Modernism - or thePanic Encyclopedia, different
Psychology - encyclopedia of psychology - Internet directory of publications
Salary Calculator - international, compares cost of living
Science Data - links to converters, periodic table, dictionaries
Shareware - directory, search for downloadable software
Smithsonian - A-Z on wide range of topics
TechEncyclopedia - computer terms and concepts
Town-USA - community connection (click on the map)
TravelGuide - interactive atlas, world clock, travel news, etc.
USGS National Mapping - geographic database, maps on demand
U.S. Patent Office - full text and bibliographic searchable database
- online weather almanac from USA Today
Zip Code Lookup - and address information from the U.S.P.O

GoTo TopBusiness
Advertising Age - full-text searchable news and features, free registration
Annual Reports Library - over 1.5 million, with tips, how-to find, and more - solid source for reliable online news and charts
CompaniesOnline Search - information on over 100,000 companies
Company News On-Call - searchable, up to the minute news database
Corporate Watch - "the watchdog on the web"
Edgar Database - the SEC's database of corporate information
Lexis-Nexis - business, legal, health, world almanac, state and gov't, etc.
Hoover's - info on 14,000 companies, business, money, career
The New Economy - brought to you by Wired magazine
The Web100 - "Big Business on the Web"
GoTo TopConsumer
Consumer Ratings - before you buy, almost a million user ratings
Consumer Publications - Federal Consumer Information Center
Kelley Blue Book - new and used vehicle values
Mortgage Almanac -valuable information and articles
Consumer's Almanac - common sense money management (by AFSAEF)
GoTo TopHealth
Food Safety - gateway to info sources and many "hot topics"
- comprehensive, flexible searching
MedicineNet - a terrific online medical reference
Natural Remedies - an encyclopedia of natural remedies - an encyclopedia of natural health
The Herbal Encyclopedia - comprehensive reference on herbs
GoTo TopHome, Auto and Garden
Autopedia - complete source for automotive information
Cars - vehicle, equipment, consumer and safety info by NHTSA
Home Improvement - Better Homes and Gardens - appliance parts, troubleshooting, tips, more - the encyclopedia of plants
The Herbal Encyclopedia - comprehensive reference on herbs
Wine - start here, then click on the Wine Encyclopedia for more
GoTo TopLaw and Government
CyberLaw - a reference directory for law-related articles
FindLaw - comprehensive legal reference
Gov't Documents - Columbia University, everything U.S.
GPO Access - "keeping America informed electronically"
Legal - plain-English information on legal topics
Legal Information Institute - from Cornell Law School
Legislative - Thomas legislative information - the comprehensive political reference
GoTo TopWeb Developer's Reference
Beginning HTML - its all here, in a tutorial format
- all bots on the net, by - leading developer resource
DHTML - a FINE source: demos, scripts, tutorials
Free Code
- free source code online
HTML - the W3C HTML source page
HTML Resources - primers, graphics, design, more
Java 1.2 API - the complete online reference by Sun
Javascript Source - cut and paste Javascript for web pages
Meta Tags - useful, if you know how and why
Programmer's Source - comprehensive, easy index
ScriptSearch - the world's largest CGI library and more
Tucows HTML - complete start to finish and beyond
Visual Basic - source code, tips from Developer's Pit Stop
Web Guide - tutorials, scripts, and making money
Web Developer's - library for web design, tutorials, etc.
WebReference - the webmaster's reference site
GoTo TopDictionaries
Alternative - a multilingual slang dictionary
AOL's list - a nice subdirectory, lots of dictionaries
Biographical - over 28,000 biographies - ask Doctor Dictionary about words or grammar
Internet - the language of the Internet
Investor - over 5,000 investor terms with cross references
Law - simple A-Z, written in plain English - search by term or definition, also A-Z
Medical - medicine, biology, chemistry and other branches of science
Military - DOD's dictionary of military terms
Occupational - the dictionary of occupational titles
On-line Index - extensive index of dictionaries
Online translation - enter the words, see it in over 20 languages
OneLook - over 3 million words in almost 600 dictionaries
Philosophy of Mind - philosophy-neuroscience-psychology
Pronunciation - from Carnegie Mellon University
Rap - yes, a dictionary just for Rap - many more dictionary links here, like conspiracies?!
Rhyming - try the advanced interface to find rhymes to any two concepts
Silicon Valley Slang - language of the nerds
Slanguage - choose a location and talk like the locals
Skeptics - skeptical definitions, essays, references to skeptical literature
Translation - for the traveler by travlang, also learn over 70 languages
Webopedia - Internet and computer technology
Webster's - the classical collegiate source
WordSmyth - integrated dictionary and thesaurus
GoTo TopThesauri and other tools
Acronym Finder - the WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server
Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Initialisms - many specific lists
Anagram Finder - find life's wisdom in anagrams, as they say
Aphorisms - those terse and witty truths, to "feed your wit"
Cliché Finder
- find the perfect cliché
Computer Terms - abbreviations and acronyms
Cooking Thesaurus
- a bountiful list of food substitutions
Freeality - online quotes and phrase search page
Language Identifier - enter the phrase to discover what language
Legislative Indexing Vocabulary - for searching congressional information
Lexical Freenet - find word relationships you hadn't thought of
Measurement - units of measurement used around the world
Medical World - uses its thesaurus to search related medical terms
Phrase Finder - find phrases from a single word (over 6000 phrases)
Plumb Design - a visual thesaurus for the fun of it
Roget's - searchable, or browseable by Roget's 6 top-level categories
Solver - dictionaries, thesaurus, crossword puzzle solvers, scrabble, etc.
Voycabulary - converts a web page (or any text) into a lookup source
Webster's - the modern online thesaurus
Web Thesaurus Compendium - indexed thesauri and related information
WordNet - an online lexical reference system
GoTo TopGrammar and Style
Basic Legal Citation - by Peter W. Martin (Cornell Law School)
Citation Styles - for research papers
Citing Electronic Resources - from Internet Public Library
Common Errors - guide to common errors in English
Elements of Style - Strunk's online
English Grammar - an online grammar guide
Funding Proposal - a guide for writing funding proposals
Grammar and Style - comprehensive A-Z contents page
Grammar and Writing - playful interface, broad coverage
online! - 4 different citation styles for Internet references
Paradigm - award winning online writing assistant
Research and Writing - for high school and college - idea directory and writing center
Technical Report Writing - a NASA memorandum
Thesis/Dissertation - guide to writing and presenting
Web Style - the style guide for creating Web pages
Writer's advice - from a writer and editor
Writing Research Papers - (MLA) comprehensive content
Writer's Guidelines - a database of over 500 guidelines
GoTo TopQuotes
Famous Quotations - a famous quotes search engine and directory.
Bartlett's - Familiar Quotations with index of authors
Oneliners and Proverbs - The name says it, searchable...
Quotes R Us - the toys-R-us of notable quotes...
The Quotations Page - quotes of the day, motivational, searchable links... - almost everything, with library and Internet resources... - a listing of links to quote sites
Quotation Guide - sorted by topic, the collection may be downloaded...
Quotation Location - a little different, notable quotes in the museum... - they claim to have the Web's largest library...
Quote World - affiliated with, searchable, & growing...
A Hopeless World - Murphy's law, oxymorons, last words, unique...
Love Quotes - famous quotes of romance
GoTo TopHumor
Humor Search - a specialty search engine just for humor! - joke database, weird news, comedian links, comics, chat...
Oh My Goodness! - a TOP SITE, animated greeting cards, funny wallpapers...
Uproar Presents - endless amusements at
Comedy Central - okay, you know the name, right? (South Park is here too)
It's Scandalous! - top newspaper editorial cartoons, so be politically incorrect! - Dilbert , Peanuts trivia, Doonesbury, more from United Media...
Humorous Anecdotes - short stories and anecdotes with links to more...
Rec.Humor.Funny - from the newsgroup...
FunTrivia Portal - trivia, games, forums, the top 50 amusing sites... - searchable database, email subscriptions, lighthearted news, more
Daily Comics - for mature audiences, daily underground comics... - jokes, comedians, club search...
Jokes Online - jokes, jokes and more jokes, categorized and searchable...
Oracle Humor?? - ummm, an incognito style of its own...
Joke a Day - Jokes by email, horoscopes, polls, weird pictures, more...
Humor Space - indexed, a humor store, etc...
Comedy Vault - LISTEN to 17 years of comedy routines...
Sick jokes -'s guide to sick jokes and insults... -wallpapers, cursors, startup screens, funny stories
GoTo TopBrain Teasers - the leading authority? cash prizes
BrainBashers - winner of 86 awards, must be doing something right - resource for IQ tests, puzzles, trivia, games & contests
Ultimate Puzzle Site - maybe not yet, but well done
Education Place - traditional word problems, for younger people?!
The Fun Zone - how many can you get right? Family Internet - a small handful of braintrique
GoTo TopWord Play
bill's games - brain plexing shapes, try the home page for more fun
Puzzle Paradise - crossword puzzles, brain teasers and word games
RiddleNut - 100's of riddles, oh boy!
Brain Candy - insults, riddles, word play, mind games, reciprocal links
Syndicate - educational fun, vocabulary, crosswords, comic hotlist
Susie's Place - play crambo, doggerel or stinky pinky? go find out
ClueMaster - British, start here for the quick fix
PuzzleMaker - Discovery Channel School, for teachers and parents
GoTo TopTrivia
Totally Trivia - a trivia search engine and directory - the trivia portal
TriviaWorld - play sports, computers, science, etc., keeps score
Cool Movie Trivia - updated weekly, monthly prizes, quizzes, archives - can you take it? (launches March 1st)
Military Trivia - from, quite a few sub-categories, quizzes
BrainBlitz - trivia, more trivia, online games, humor, contests, freebies
Useless Knowledge - nice, "if it isn't here, it isn't trivia" - for playful brains, trivia, puzzles, and a bunch more



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